WordPress FAQ

Simple and straight forward answers to the most frequent asked questions about WordPress like how to install a plugin in WordPress, how to change theme in WordPress etc. This page will update in continued basis.

General Questions

Log into WordPress website and go to Users and click Add New in the WordPress Dashboard. Fill out required fields like username, email and password, then choose user role and click on Add New User.
Log into WordPress admin dashboard and click on Tools > Site Health. Now navigate to Info tab and click on WordPress, there you can find present installed version and available latest version.
  • Go to WordPress dashboard, click on appearance and select customize option. Now click on site identity there you'll see 3 options named site title, logo and site icon.

  • Under site icon option click on "select site icon" and upload a minimum size of 512 x 512 pixels image.

  • WordPress Theme related Faqs

    1. Open WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance select themes. 2. Click on Add New button and search for required themes or upload already downloaded theme. 3. After completing upload and installation click on active to apply theme on website.   For in depth guide on how to install a theme in wordpress check the below guide. How to Install WordPress theme : Step by Step tutorial